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The Sharcx.suite is a unique combination of data science models and machine learning algorithms used by enterprises to increase margins by 15%.

Are you ready for the next level of data intelligence?

The Sharcx.suite is a data analytics platform to create and manage advanced data-driven use-cases. Create data science models and draw conclusions to trigger automated actions for fast and reliable business decisions.

Collect your data

The Sharcx.collector connects your internal datastreams with high quality external data sets.

Find the solution

The creates transparency. The scalable machine learning approach identifies the most valuable insights at scale.

Act, don't react

The Sharcx.toolbox is your data automation engine. Trigger automated actions and optimize your decision accuracy by AI generated proposals based on millions of data points.

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Learn what Sharcx.suite can do for you!

  • Connect internal data streams with high quality external data sets
  • Get access to pre-build data science models
  • Ready to use dashboards and a broad variety of data visualization possibilities
  • Save time and cost with predictive analytics
  • Increase margins by 15%

Success Story: BASF SE

BASF Customer Experience Let’s learn how a BASF SE unit improved customer satisfaction and reduced their customers’ complaints simply by using Sharcx.suite.

Read the BASF case story

Sharcx.datasets is there to make the implementation even easier

Often our customers fear that their internal data is not enough to build sufficient, customer focused data science models. That's why we have introduced Sharcx.datasets. Additionally to our software suite you can decide to buy external data sets that the sharcx.suite will automatically use to enrich your internal data before the models are built. Using this we have been able to achieve even higher AI performance results for our clients than before.

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