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Increase Delivery Reliability

What you need to consider to increase delivery reliability and to ensure customer satisfaction

Delivery problems and competitive pressure. Against the backdrop of digitalization and global crisis, an intelligent business solution for improving customer satisfaction is more important than ever.

Corona crisis & digitalisation: Pressure on the supply chain is growing

The Corona crisis is having an impact on the global flow of goods: Many industries lack raw materials for production. Plastics processing companies were hit by a shortage of relevant raw materials in 2021 and were unable to meet demand. Through the past year, there was a shortage of containers around the world to transport goods from A to B.

At the same time, digitalization is also advancing ever further. It is leading to competition in all markets for parts of the value chains that were previously securely in the hands of individual companies. New technologies make it possible to implement numerous business models without large operating resources.

Understanding the customers of today and tomorrow

Just under 20% of companies were prepared for pandemic crises in supply chain management. Many experts also expect an increase in pandemic situations in the future. Proactive risk management along the supply chain will therefore be crucial in the future in order to identify risks at an early stage and take adequate measures.

Sharcx: The early warning system for supply chains

Sharcx is the first cloud-based SaaS solution for systematically improving supply availability and customer satisfaction. It uses machine learning to address delivery reliability challenges and gives you the opportunity to set new standards in customer satisfaction.

Understanding customers

Our algorithm analyses all available process data to identify the key factors that influence customer satisfaction in relation to delivery reliability.

Monitor supply chain

Sharcx keeps a permanent eye on the entire supply chain and automatically alerts you to problems. This gives you the opportunity to take action at the earliest possible stage to resolve difficulties and get in touch with the customer. You always know where problems are occurring and are able to reconcile the delivery situation with individual customer requirements at any time.

Identify demand drivers

80% of decision-makers see goods availability as a key challenge in modern supply chain management. Sharcx develops machine-learning-based models along the collected data points to accurately forecast demand.

Make better decisions

Delivery date difficulties often indicate a systemic or structural problem. Sharcx visualizes the causes and effects of delivery date difficulties, creating the basis for sustainable supply chain optimization.

Act early

78% of customers are willing to forget a negative experience if they receive outstanding customer service. In the B2B sector, 95% of companies see good customer service as essential to being loyal to a company. Sharcx sounds the alarm when there are problems with a delivery and informs customer service about the upcoming delay. This gives you the opportunity to talk to the affected customer in a timely manner and do damage control,

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