Leverage the information your customers are already providing.
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The customer feedback service!

Perfect customer experience seals your success, guarantees higher turnover, decreases cost of service – and is not an illusion. All you have to do is to leverage the information your customers are already providing to you. Don't waste your time and the time of your customers with extensive customer surveys.


In B2B-industries is it common that every company evaluates their suppliers. In a lot of cases you do not even need to ask your customers to provide feedback, but they do it voluntarely and specifically targeted to aspects, which are important for them.

Get to know a great component of our sharcx.toolbox and its potential to revolutionize your transparency on customer satisfaction. 

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This is how the sharcx customer feedback service works for you!

Get the sharcx customer feedback

service and your benefits now!

  • Use information that is already provided

  • Increase commitment and customer care

  • Analyze unbiased customer feedback

  • Save time and efforts on analyzing every customer feedback

  • Enable transparency for the whole organisation

  • Decrease cost of service

  • Get the happiest customers ever

They’re your customers – make ‘em happy! And create full customer satisfaction transparency.

sharcx – your solution to provide the customer experience.


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