Delivery reliability issues were affecting customer retention at BASF

Using Sharcx has improved delivery reliability and increased customer satisfaction tremendously

"BASF uses the Sharcx.suite to improve its delivery reliability"

One of BASF’s globally operating business units is using the Sharcx.suite to improve its delivery reliability. The unit has all its production facilities is Germany and sells the respective products globally based on a make-to-order basis. The Sharcx.suite has enabled the CSU to be more proactive and reliable, specifically by providing information in advance and based on real probabilities

of occurrence.

  • Challenges faced at BASF included having highly customizable make-to-order products, system solos and highly disconnected teams

  • Sharcx helped overcome these challenges by collecting, analyzing and predicting data to inform CSO's of any risk of delays

  • Connected Systems: Transactional data via SAP ERP system, Customer surveys via excel, complaints via SAP QM

  • Onboarding period: 3-5 weeks from scope discussion to first prediction

Reduce your customer complaints by 90 Percent

The following KPIs are measured constantly in order to prove the value for the Sharcx users

8% increase in delivery reliability

Zero delivery complaints

80% more proactive phone calls

20% higher customer satisfaction

Massive reduction in cost of service

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"Sharcx brings great value to BASF. It improves the service to our customers continuously. We started with Delivery Monitoring and added..."
Sandra, Head of Customer Service Europe

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