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Reduced Customer Complaints by 90%

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The Sharcx.suite is a powerful solution that can significantly improve customer satisfaction for your organization. Depending on the industry, a variety of factors can influence customer satisfaction. For example, for chemical and chemical-dependent commodity markets, the two most critical drivers of customer experience are delivery reliability and transparency along the supply chain.

Let’s learn how a BASF business unit improved customer satisfaction and reduced their customers’ complaints simply by using Sharcx.suite.

The Goal: Improving Customer Retention

A unit at BASF discovered that poor delivery reliability was negatively impacting their customer retention. In addition, the teams within the organization were disconnected as system silos prevented efficient sharing of information.

Although the unit has all its production facilities in Germany, they sell their products worldwide. They wanted Sharcx to help improve their delivery reliability with the ultimate goal of improving their overall customer retention.


Customer BASF SE
Industry Chemical Industry
Connected Systems Transactional data via SAP ERP system, Customer surveys via Excel, complaints via SAP QM
Onboar­ding period 3 – 5 weeks from scope discussion to first prediction

Zero-touch service to enhance Customer Satisfaction

Sharcx began this project by identifying the main drivers of customer experience. BASF’s data were analyzed from various sources, namely their ERP system, CRM system, Quality Management tools and various shipment tracking systems. In this process, data silos were broken down and connected to the Sharcx.suite. Consequently, the most important customer experience measures were identified. Sharcx also discovered the causes of structural problems affecting customer satisfaction and identified processual issues. By the end of this exercise, personalized customer expectations from various touchpoints were measured and mapped to current process insights.

Sharcx observed that some of BASF’s customers, particularly the B- and C-customers, were not regularly informed about delivery issues. In addition, the business had a set of A-customers for whom informing about such delays was a highly manual and time-consuming process. With the adoption of Sharcx’s predictive delivery service three main benefits were achieved.

BASF is world's leading chemical company.

By being informed proactively about potential customer experience issues, the Customer Service Officer got additional time to take mitigation actions before the issue really occurred. Even if the issue was not avoidable BASF’s Customer Service Unit was able to practice transparency in communication by informing customers about delivery delays well in advance.

Last but not least every Customer Service Officer could also minimize their manual efforts and drastically save time, because the complete monitoring of customer touchpoints through various systems was done by sharcx. This in turn allowed them the time to take additional but necessary measures to reduce the negative impact of such delays.

Such critical communication not only benefited BASF but also their customers as they could now save on resources, be more efficient and accurate in their production planning. Timely communication especially aided in products with high storage costs, hazardous goods, and goods needed directly for production. Hence, with a delivery monitoring system in place, early communication regarding delivery delays was made possible, resulting in an increased reaction time and a reduction in unplanned downtimes. The end effect of all these advantages put together resulted in an enhanced level of customer satisfaction.

Accessing Data From a Single Dashboard

The Sharcx customer dashboard visualized and tracked all performed actions in order to provide the BASF business unit with an overview of the generated value and customer responses. In addition, all the key customer data could easily be accessed by the Customer Service Unit.

Customer Journey Snapshot

Summary: Key Accomplishments

In conclusion, the Sharcx.suite enabled the Customer Service Unit at BASF to be more proactive and reliable by promptly commu­nicating critical information to their customers based on the calculated probability of occurrence. The figures on the right demonstrate the role of Sharcx Suite in enhancing the customer experience for BASF:

Sales Manager Yvonne

Yvonne, the Sales Manager at BASF, says,

“The Sharcx service is a clear improvement for our CSOs and creates a consistent service for our customers. We have had major issues with reoccurring delivery delays and were not able to keep the whole supply chain under control for all of our customers. Sharcx is a great service that monitors our processes in the background and only informs us in case of any potential risks. It is great to see how digital solutions can create such a positive impact even in our rather traditional industry.

By simply collecting, analyzing, and predicting data, the Customer Service Officers were kept informed of any risks of delays in delivery. Hence, Sharcx was also able to help the unit overcome the challenges they faced with disconnected teams, system silos, and highly customizable product offerings.

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