All-time perfect delivery.
For all-time happy customers.



Perfect delivery seals your success, guarantees full customer satisfaction, increases your turnover – and is not an illusion. All you have to do is outsmart the issues that stand in the way: Immunize your delivery chain against any disruptive factors. And fulfill your customers’ needs as well as their preferences in advance: in an even better way than they ever could have asked for.

Our collection of AI based, automated and zero-touch customer centric services help you make this real! Get to know a great component of our sharcx.toolbox and its potential to revolutionize your delivery service.

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This is how the sharcx delivery transparency service works for you!

Get the sharcx delivery transparency service and your benefits now!

  • stabilize all links of your delivery chain

  • ensure the quality of every single process element, no matter how complex it is

  • save substantial delivery time

  • keep your delivery processes transparent

  • enhance delivery reliability

  • reduce customer complaint rate

  • keep your customer service and further business units well-informed

  • decrease your cost of service

  • increase your turnover

  • get the happiest customers ever

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They’re your customers – make ‘em happy! And create full delivery satisfaction.

sharcx – your solution to provide the perfect delivery.

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