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About Sharcx: Learn the Full Story

Info about the Sharcx products, our vision and our team.

About Sharcx

Over a decade after the idea of “big data” was born companies still struggle because of insufficient data. There are internal data silos, bad data quality and only insufficient external information.

Customer Service and Supply Chain teams are left in the dark. And even worse they are constantly hit with unforeseen events. Sharcx has proven to increase delivery reliability within the B2B area.

We have learned that companies do not have enough, good quality supply chain data available and model accuracies are naturally limited.

With Sharcx.datasets and the Sharcx.suite we provide transparency for fast and reliable decisions.

Customer Success Company

Meet our Team

Our Venture Team Sharcx is built through the business incubator program of BASF, Chemovator.

We are a Team of data enthusiats, precision evangelsits, customer success advocates and passionate process optimizers. For our Customers, we work on solutions to implement and accellerate data-driven decisions.

Customer Success Company

Our Mission

We accelerate decisions in data-driven enterprises.

Our Vision for Sharcx

Sharcx will become the place to go to for high quality, enterprise data and built-in data science models for all enterprises.

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